Regal Assets is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to our clients and we are proud to say we have a 99.9% client satisfaction rating.

Recently all of our testimonials were verified fully by the BirdEye staff. The verification process was a 2 week period and included validating all the e-mails for the testimonials that were posted on TrustLink for Regal Assets and calling many of the testimonials and speaking to them personally on the phone.

The customer service experience at Regal Assets is unparalleled from any in the precious metals industry and is something we pride ourselves on. We really feel it shows in some of the letters and testimonials we receive on a weekly basis. We have selected a few of these letters and testimonials to share with you.

When I switched jobs, I wanted to look for precious metals IRA options to roll over my old 401k into. Christian with Regal was extremely helpful, professional, and responsive in setting up my new account. Great job!
- Jerry
After a three month review of companies I decided on Regal Assets. Christian Howard was my contact and he was a pleasure to work with. He anticipated my requests and desires and patiently walked me through the process as it was my initial purchase. He was extremely knowledgeable in the field, was always timely on responses to my calls, and was always ready with a recommendation or suggestion, relative to my question. I highly recommend Christian and Reagal Assets.
- earl
I have been thinking about a gold IRA for quite a few years. I researched several companies and even called some. Regal was the only one I found that stood above the others. Christian and the other Regal members have all been very polite and able to answer any questions I had. I would recommend Regal and Christian for any metal investment you are thinking of making.
- Doug
I did a bit of research before picking a company to open my metals IRA with. It seems like we are in good company with Regal Assets and Christian made it pretty simple and quick to get started. Thanks for the easy setup.
- Lookits
Christian has been responsive but I just started with the company so I don't have a history with him yet. I expect that he will be a good representative for me and my account.
- Mark
Christian was so great and patient with me. He took time with me to explain how things would work and was very responsive to all of my questions.
- Connie
2nd 401K transfer. Christian and Janette are very helpful and very professional. They made the tedious and complex process easy. Highly recommended!
- Jb
I would Definitely recommend Investing with Regal Assets, Christian and his Team are Polite, Professional and make Investing not only an Easy experience but their Personal Touch let's you feel Confident that you are in Great Hands for the Future.
- John
Christian was wonderful to work with. He and Janette made it easy to transfer my 401K over to Regal Assets. I would highly recommend.
- JohnandAngela
Christian made what could have been a difficult transition very easy. He was terrific to work with and I'd recommend that anyone considering this type of investment seriously consider Regal Assets (and Christian) when entering this market. Many companies out there have a different approach to this, but I found Christian's approach rational and understandable. Thanks for the terrific assistance.
- Cyndi Maris
I did my due diligence and selected Regal Assets to work with in establishing my self-directed IRA. Christian Howard was great to work with in making the process easy! He is experienced and informative. I'm confident that I made a good strategic decision.
- George
Christian was wonderful to work with. He was extremely kind, patient and tolerant with me during the process. I highly recommend their services.
- Kevin
Christian did an amazing job. The process was seamless and pain free. I would recommend his services to anyone.
- Steel
Christian made the process of transferring a SEP IRA to a precious metals IRA very smooth. He is professional and courteous, along with the rest of the staff! Well done.
- Stephen
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Christian and Janette have made a complicated process simple. Super happy to be able to diversify outside of stocks and bonds in traditional funds by adding metals and cryptocurrency to my portfolio. Godsend. Yes! Highly recommend.
Christian helped me setup my first metals IRA with assistance from Jannette and Leah. Nice when you have someone break down the process in an easy to understand manner. Glad I chose Regal Assets.
- Lc
This was my first metals purchase with Christian. He immediately responded to my email and sent me the purchase order with all the detailed information I needed to make the purchase. I will continue to use him and would recommend him and Regal Assest to anyone wanting to purchase precious metals. Thanks Christian.
- Allen
Christian and Jannette were wonderful to work with. They were extremely kind, patient and tolerant with me during the process. I highly recommend their services.
- Tom
Christian was very helpful in my direct purchase of silver bars. I decided to go with him after he spent a great deal of time with a friend of mine explaining the precious metals market and getting her comfortable and opening an IRA and making purchases
- Bobbi
Christian and Janette are exceptional to work with at Regal Assets. They took something that can be quite complicated and make it simple and easy. They put in the extra time to help work out some kinks when my big name retirement firm was less than forthright in turning over the funds. They made both investing in crypto and metals IRAs and easy venture. I feel much better having my funds diversified in this way, than relying solely on stocks and bonds in traditional funds. Christian also recommended I keep some funds outside of Regal Assets based on my allocations and investment style, which was refreshing and appropriate. I am very happy with my experience.
I would say that my interactions with Christian Howard pleasant , helpful and productive during the course of setting up an account with a custodian through Regal, funding that account , and, ultimately, using those funds to purchase metal to be placed in a Precious Metals IRA. I found Christian to be patient, as well as generous with his time in helping me navigate the entire process of funding a Precious Metals IRA, and in answering the many questions that I had. I look forward to having Christian help me with additional such transactions in the future.
- James
My first time doing a SDIRA. Christian and Jannette helped me setup a crypto IRA. Had lots of questions for Christian which he patiently answered. Now that the process is complete I can relax. Good job Regal Assets.
- Lc
Christian and Jannette were super helpful in setting up my precious metals IRA. The process was very simple and any questions I had were answered promptly.
- Kraig
Christian made opening my precious metals IRA easy. He and Janette gave this old lady a lot of patient instruction.
- Maureen
Christian, the honor has been ours to have you as an advisor. Your kindness, knowledge, and advice has made this a far less stressful adventure. Look forward to continuing the journey.
- Wayne
Christian, it has been a pleasure to work with you and your teem.You all have been so patient as you guided me through the process . And as I was going through covid at the time I may not have been as patient myself. So thank you and give Jannette a thank you as well. Jeff Y.
- Jeff
It was a pleasure working with Christian. He was very patient in explaining to me the process which was new to me. I feel that I have a ready source of information and guidance going forward. Thank you.
- Scott
Hi Christian, It is a pleasure working with you. You are very professional, courteous, efficient, and a nice talker. The reason I came back to Regal Assets is because of good people like you. I highly recommend your services for a happy business exchange. Sincerely, Chad Williams
I am so glad that I got to do my trade with Mr. Howard. He has been so helpful with me and my lack of knowledge The transaction was completely painless. I recommend this gentleman very highly
- Debbie
Christian Howard has been such a wonderful person to deal with that I will recommend him to my friends for all their metal purchases.He was extremely patient in answering my concerns and everyone of my questions. Thank you so much.
- Claude
Christian was an absolute pleasure to work with. He answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable and confident moving all my assets to a Gold IRA that's now backed by physical Gold and Silver. So, if you are on the fence or still looking for the BEST GOLD IRA company you can trust, Regal Assets can help you.
- FrankB1114
It was easy working with Christian and the Regal Assets team to roll my old IRA into a self-directed IRA to hold crypto assets. I would recommend their services to any millennial looking to invest their current paper money into lasting value with returns. Crypto is here to stay and is the future!
- Summer
I worked with Christian, he was thorough, easy to talk to and patient with me. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat!
- Trey
I had a great experience in transitioning my 401k into a silver and gold IRA. Christian was very patient and explained the process thoroughly every step of the way. Everything went smoothly and perfectly. I am very pleased with my choice with Regal Assets.
- Christine
I felt very comfortable working with Christian. It was my first non IRA purchase plus I didn’t want to take possession. His explanations were understandable and the transaction was accomplished hassle and pressure free. I’ve worked with Regal Assets before, I recommend them and will continue to take my metals business to them.
- Diane
Christian was a pleasure to work with to roll my paper IRA's into IRA's backed by physical silver. I really appreciate the profession and smooth process. He made me feel comfortable through the entire transaction.
- Bob
Very pleased with the way Christian helped me open a rollover account. Kept me informed through the whole process and promptly answered any questions I had.
- LeRoy
I have worked with other companies before but Christian made me feel confident and comfortable about taking this step. I would happily recommend Regal Assets to anyone considering a Gold/Silver IRA.
- ebofthecanyon
Ryder was very helpful, walking me through the process and explaining all the factors involved in pricing and purchasing. Prompt service when there are questions or something needed.
- Robert
I research a lot of companies until I found Regal Assest. Rolling over my 401K was a smooth seamless transaction. The Regan Assest team was available to answer all my question and kept me up dated with text messages and emails.
- Angela
I was very pleased with the advice and service I received from Ryder Ray and others at Regal Assets who set up my metals IRA account. I highly recommend them. Nancy Y
- Nancy
Ryder Ray was my account representative, he was knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process of rolling over my 403b into a gold IRA. I am happy with his assistance and recommend him .
- William
I checked with numerous Gold Dealers / Precious Metals IRA businesses. Christian at Regal Assets was the most informative of all the contacts that I dealt with. He gave good warnings of what I might expect in dealing with other precious metal dealers.....and it proved to be correct. Everyone at Regal Assets treated me very professionally and all transactions went very smoothly. Thanks Christian !
- J
Christian and Leah were excellent to work with. Very professional and followed up several times. I would definitely recommend them without hesitation.
- Katie
Christian Howard it a delight to work with and a wealth of knowledge. The entire Regal Assets team and Kingdom Trust are great to work with.
- Anne Marie
Christian is great to work with. Excellent service and timing. Does a great job.
- Lea
As always it’s a pleasure working with Christian, Leah and Jannette. They are very fast getting back to you and answering any questions.
- Kristin
I have been working with Christian thru the process of setting up my account and it has been a real pleasure. He has earned my trust in a very short time. I will be contacting him soon to make another purchase.
- gary
Christian is excellent to work with and fast to respond. Recommending him and Regal Assets to my family and friends. Keep up the great work
- Lea
I am extremely happy with the entire Regal team. Christian and all the rest of you guys have been awsome, you all inspired trust. Looking forward to my next transaction
- gary
I interviewed 3 companies who handle IRA portfolios and found Regal Assets to be the most comprehensive. My representative, Christian, was very knowledgeable of the metal markets and discussed with me my options. Their fees are average but they offer more value as services such as a newsletter, metal consulting and great follow up! I would recommended Christian from Regal Asset to assist you in trading out some of your risky 401k based upon dollars into a physical asset, metals, which you own until traded or sold.
- Tamara
Jannette was incredibly helpful and I appreciated Christian's help and advice when choosing the best investment for my needs. A great team! Thanks
- Leith
Ryder was fantastic in helping us navigate our second purchase. He was responsive and hustled to get us a solid price on Silver ( this time) and laid out the pros and cons of the various bar sizes and other variables. Very satisfied.
- Sci
Ryder was clear, honest, and really helpful in helping us navigate the Gold IRA account setup and first purchase. We felt informed and comfortable throughout the whole process,
- Sci
Christian was knowledgeable, professional and informative. He helped me choose the investments that best fit my needs. It was a pleasure working with him.
- Steve
Christian continues to do an outstanding job. Lee
- Lea
I have been planing to invest in precious metals for years, Christian & Regal Assets made my dreams come true with grate service and helpful information!
- Jerry
Christian did an outstanding job and always followed up with any concerns or questions. Vickie
- Lea
As always, Christian was on top of the game helping me understand the steps of opening a Roth Crypto IRA.
- Bill
Christian was very helpful and persistent in getting our self directed IRA completed. Well done!
- Greg
After considerable research, the hands-down choice for purchasing precious metals is Regal Assets. With that part of the decision made, it was past time to open an account to diversify my assets. Both Ryder and Janette streamlined the entire process, beginning to end. I'm now very happy knowing that my portfolio now includes the benefits of diversification in precious metals. Many thanks!
- Randall
Trying to jump through the hoops to convert a Canadian RRSP to precious metals was made SO much easier with Ryder’s help. He stayed in touch and helped every step of the way. Fantastic customer service. Would recommend it to anyone!!
- J
This has been my first foray into precious metals. Ryder has been my contact and I could not be more pleased. His assistance in all aspects has been as invaluable as it has been educational.
- Raymond
Ryder & Janette work well together to complete my transaction requests.
- David
Enjoyed working with Christian and Janette in helping me transfer and fund a recent Bitcoin purchase in my Regal IRA
- Jim
The Rollover process was painless and the staff was very helpful.
- Richard
Christian Howard explained the precious metals purchase process and fee structure clearly, so it was easy to complete the transaction.
- Bruce
Christian and Jannette are very helpful and professional. They got me set up and answered all my questions! Five star!
- JohnandAngela
Christian and Jannette helped me through the process of rolling over an IRA over to Regal Assets and they made the entire process smooth. They were there every step of the way and were easily reachable if I needed any help. Thank you!
- Herme
Staff returned emails quickly. Both Christian and Jannette were great to work with. Efficient. Process was easy thanks to them.
- Orville
Christian and Jannette at Regal Assets have made investing with them really easy and straight forward. Christian is very transparent and executes quickly. Very impressed so far.
- Elaina
Have used Regal Assets for over a year now with a Roth IRA and have recently established a IRA account dealing in precious metals and crypto coins. As always, Christian & Janette's serice and professionalism make the process so smooth and enjoyable. I would highly recommend them and Regal Assets. S. Szewczyk Roswell, GA
- Steve
I was referred to Regal Assets through a friend and had the chance to work with Ryder Ray. He made it easy to set up an account and walked me through all the details. He was also familiar with RRSP's in Canada and how to get these funds into gold and silver. Highly recommeded!
- Chuck
Once it became clear that the global response to the pandemic would involve lockdowns and money printing, I knew I needed to move some of my assets into physical precious metals. After some research I found Regal Assets, and Ryder answered my call straight away. Despite being located in the US, he knew all the ins and outs regarding how to hold precious metals in a Canadian RRSP. I've since done a second metals purchase through Ryder and am happy to recommend Regal Assets to anyone.
- gr0x0rd
Excellent and friendly service. They were informed and quick to answer questions and guide me through the process of converting my IRAs into self directed precious metal IRAs. They are the best!
- Mark
Many thanks to Christian for guiding us through what for us was a new genre of investing, and to Jannette for all her help with the administrative details.
Regal Assets helped me transfer an IRA into precious metals.They were vigilant in the process and Christian's and Jannette's follow-up was excellent as well as their knowledge and courtesy. Great Service!
- Joyeuse
Christian and Jannette were both phenomenal in helping my wife and I diversify part of our savings into a precious metals IRA. They patiently worked through our questions and, in some cases, lack of understanding. I consider them to be professional and trustworthy. I would recommend them to anyone seeking some protection against the volatility of the markets.
- Roy
I had a very good experience with Regal as a first time investor of physical metals. Christian was my my account executive...he was very knowledgeable and great to work with...great communications! Thumbs up!
- Mark
Christian did a phenomenal job of walking us through this process. Very responsive, answered questioned, offered guidance without being pushy. Quickly communicated regarding any issues, and presented a plan to solve, then followed up. Absolutely satisfied with the service and expertise provided.
- steve
Christian is simply a gem. He is professional, courteous and I wouldn’t consider working with anyone else. This is my second time ordering currency through him and as usual it was seem less.
- Jennifer
Christian is very professional.I wasn’t sure how to navigate through the process. He was very patient in guiding me til the end. Thank you so much for all your help!
- Elizabeth
Christian is very professional.I wasn’t sure how to navigate through the process. He was very patient in guiding me til the end. Thank you so much for all your help!
- Elizabeth
recently rolled over Ira account both Christian and Jannette were very helpful. discussed how i wanted to invest . went smooth. i would recommend Regal Assets for investing purposes
- Glenn
Janette answered all of my questions promptly and helped me get my funds transferred in a timely manner. Christian immediately contacted me within minutes of the funds being available to set up a time to work out an investment plan. Great service!
- Roland
Christion and Jannette were very helpful. Walked me through every step. I am not computer savvy and she never lost patience with me. I am very grateful. Would recommend them to all.
- realm199
Christian and Jannette provided fast and efficient service, again! I really appreciate the quick and knowledgeable responses! My rollovers have been an easy and seamless process, every time!
- Tim
I want to thank Christian and Jannette for helping me rollover my 401K to a Metals investment account. They were both a joy to work with and are true professionals. I would highly recommend Regal Assets for all your metal or crypto investments.
- Deborah
Christian and Janette were very helpful and professional with transferring part of a Roth into a new metals roth ira. Regals fees are high, especially compared to on line bullion, but they are full service and I would recommend working with both of them.
- Ed
Rich P. I worked with Christian on the transfer of funds, setting up a new IRA and purchasing crypto. The process ran smoothly and Christian was professional and easy to work and look forward to future transactions.
- Richard
for making my purchase of precious metals a comfortable experience. I had searched other outlets online but was "disenchanted" by their salesman type tactics. But as I was talking with Christian I felt at ease right away because he was not trying to sell me anything but at that stage of my inquiring, he simply answered the questions I had which were mostly about the company and the process of purchasing from his company and doing it all online. I will most likely make more purchase of precious metals in the future and when I do it will be with Regal Assets and hopefully through Christian. And a special thanks to Leah for setting up the delivery which happened as expected without any problems.
- Mike
Ryder is extremely great to work with. He is very knowledgeable about the precious metals industry and how it pertains to self directed IRA's. He also gave guidance on cryptocurrency which is new to me. Jeannette worked with him giving me the required paperwork to be filled and sent. Together they are the perfect team for me and I look forward to working with them both in the future. Thanks Ryder and Jeannette.
- ꧁Kat
I worked with Christian on moving a portion of my IRA to a metals investment. Christian was a delight to work with and talk with. Very knowledgeable on the trends in Gold and Silver. I also appreciate the facts that he was willing to talk with me honestly with respect to the investment being in pure bullion and some other companies that are pushing the purchase of "proof" coins, which in my estimate a poor investment that only benefits the broker and my account would have 25% to 30% less metal. He was willing to confirm my thoughts. Only people I will work with in the future. Look forward to visiting with him more in the future. Well done Christian !
- Charlie
KC helped me very much during my purchasing process. It was very smooth and I have no complaints. I highly recommend Regal Assets for buying gold and silver.
- R
Christian has been a pleasure to work with. He has been very helpful in guiding my IRA transfer to Regal Assets and getting my first investment placed was a piece of cake. I look forward to many years of working with him.
- Brian
Christina has been amazing to work with. I felt completely comfortable investing with Regal and answered all of my questions immediately.
- Alicia
I have worked with Ryder twice now on gold and silver investments. He was great in helping me with decisions but always letting me ultimately decide. Would definitely use again.
- Joseph
Was a breeze setting up a new rollover IRA for trading crypto . . . Thanks to the Regal Asset team.
- Mark
The team at regal is great Christian helped me pick out my choice of metals it was really amazing and I feel great. Thanks guys!
- Josh
Christian and I played a lot of phone tag initially, but he was patient and we finally connected. He answered my questions, imparted suggestions for me to consider, and the process overall was very smooth. Can't wait to bring more business to Regal Assets! -Taylor Woodruff
- Tyler
Christian was very helpful and prompt with my order and promptly returned calls when I reached out to him. Will do business again!
- Tonya Michelle
I was very happy working with Christian and Jannett. They are both very knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to. My address is 1225 Evison Street Indianapolis Indiana 46203 My name is Nathan Bowling
- Nathan
These reviews are spot on. Christian and his team took care of everything right away and turned something that might have been complicated and a bit scary into no trouble at all, especially when so much is at stake. All my questions were answered with no delay. Everyone I spoke with and emailed was very knowledgeable. Thank you guys for all of your help. I will definitely recommend your services to others. Thanks again.
- jus
. Both of them were patient with me and my dealings I had with Edward Jones. A company like Regal Assets should be honored to have them on your team
- Stephen
I enjoyed my interactions with Christian and Jannette ! Great, knowledgeable and easy to work with.
- Jacob
Christian and his support team were not only knowledgeable but followed up time after time to make sure my IRA was transferred over. I never had any doubt it would be completed. And then I was able to chat with Christian and get some good advice and how to invest those dollars in precious metals. Look forward to investing more nontraditional this time I would highly recommend Christian and all those at regal assets. Rick S.
- Richard
Great service at RA, they answer all your questions and help you in picking out the metals you like. Also good deals for first time customers! Really happy I researched and picked them for my rollover.
- Josh
Christian and Janette were great to work with. I thought the process went smoothly, took a bit longer than I thought it would however, It worked out perfectly! Many thanks and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. I will be recommending Regal Assets to my friends and family members interested in investing in metals and crypto!
- Andrew
I had a great experience with Christian Howard, he answered my questions without being condescending. He gave me the info and numbers I needed so I could feel confident the purchase I chose was what I was looking for. I spent a lot of time looking at various metals investors before choosing Regal Assets, and am pleased with my choice. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Thank you Christian!
- Marie
Regal Assets has been great. Their team has been great to work with. They did a transfer from my 401k into an ira. Christian and his team were very informative and professional. I recommend this company for your investment needs.
- Johnathan
The first person I got in contact with at Regal Assets was Christian Howard, very knowledgeable, kind and patience, always available to solve all my questions. I highly recommend him as your advisor.
- Juan
My experience with the Regal Assets team has been amazing. The customer service is very knowledgeable. The process was very easy and transparent. Strongly recommend there service.
- Johnathan
Christian and Jannette took care of the process very professionally with no problems.
- Clues
Christian and Leah were great. I wasn’t sure how to navigate through the process. They were very patient in guiding me til the end. Thank you!
- Nick
Christian at Regal assets is a true Professional. He made the transfer of my IRA to a Crypto IRA a a breeze. He is a great communicator and is very timely in his responses. Once the money was deposited and ready to trade he help me quickly acquire the crypto of my choice. I did a lot of research on Regal Assets before I moved my money and you can’t find a bad word about them period. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks again Christian. Terry
- Terry A
Ryder with Regal assets made converting my IRA to a precious metals IRA a breeze. The process was simple an painless. I recommend using Regal to convert your standard IRA to real asset IRA.
- Michael
Ryder is great to work with. I like that they can tell you the price of silver on your first call! And, they strongly recommend against coins - bars get you the price.. I appreciated the honesty They make it easy to set up an account and transfer IRA money over to the custodian that they have a relationship. Highly recommend.
- Britain
Christian Howard was an absolute gem to work with. He was patient with my schedule and never demanding nor pushy. Two qualities I appreciate when it comes to working with money.
- Jennifer
Christian is knowledgeable, efficient and protects client financial interests!
- Jennifer
Ryder has been responsive to our requests for information and we would recommend him.
- Christine
Ryder and Jeannette are very responsive and accessible
- Christine
Christian Howard did an amazing job setting up my accounts. He is very knowledgeable with precious metals and crypto. I am very happy working with him. My address is 1225 Evison street Indianapolis IN
- Nathan
Christian Howard serves as my account executive, and has proven to be patient, understanding, informative and professional. He is very conscientious and is truly a pleasure to work with... I look forward to a long a fruitful relationship!
- Robert
Christian went above and beyond to make sure that I am taken care of. He is a really nice guy and knows alot about what he talks about.
- Nathan
The company took less than 1 hour to reach out to confirm my request for order fill once they received my roll over funds. Christen did an amazing job.
- scott
Christian and Janette were fantastic to work with. I thought the process would take a while longer than it actually did, it all went smoothly just as I was advised. Many thanks and I look forward to a long relationship.
- Tom
Ryder and Jannette - and Christian - were all great. Very responsive, NO PRESSURE, and simply helpful. A great team for a first-time metals investor and Gold IRA. Thanks so much!
- William
When you call Regal ask for Christian. He helped set up my gold and silver IRA and did a outstanding job.
- Charles
Christian converted my IRA to gold and silver. I had to contact him concerning the charge rate and he corrected the issue. I would work with him again.
Ryder and Jannette have been extremely supportive and available to me while setting up my account and answering questions I've had since the account was opened. I have all the confidence in the world that this relationship will continue for a long time and I look forward to a long relationship with Regal Assets. I could not think more favorable of the support I've gotten. Outstanding folks to work with!
- Joe
Regal Assets did great!! I was a little nervous about rolling part of my retirement over into bullion/crypto, and after researching 4 different companies, I chose Regal. The rollover was extremely quick and smooth. Once the money hit my account Ryder reconfirmed my plans and executed that day. The only thing I am not a total fan of is the Trust's (not Regal) account monitoring website. The website is not live, so I monitor bullion/crypto via alternative sites. Totally pleased with my choice of Regal Assets!!!
- Thomas
Ryder and Jannette were very helpful in helping me navigate the paperwork as well as providing knowledge in how to invest in metals for the first time. Without their direct assistance, creating my precious metals IRA would have been daunting at best, or disastrous at worst -- Thanks, Dave
- David
P.turner, i'm retired and was looking to roll my company 401k into something other than stocks, like most i researched online...there lots of companies that deal in gold and silver, and precious metals. I found an independent survey of these companies and Regal Assests was the #1 in customer, i contacted them for info, Christian sent me an email immediately with the info i ask for..i decided this for me..The whole process was handled quickly and professionally....really friendly and accomodating, they're a good company to do business with..will and have recomended them to friends and family...thanks again Christian
- Phillip
It has been a pleasure working with Christian and Jannette. They have been very professional and very knowledgeable through the whole process. I rolled over both an old Traditional and a Roth IRA to Regal Asset and the whole process has been accomplished with ease. Thanks to you both.
- Rob
I am a newcomer to buying gold so I did some research on what I wanted to buy and dealers I could buy from. I met with mixed results in my research. The first two dealers did not return my call even though I indicated I planned to invest $20k which led me to believe maybe gold investing was out of my price league. The next dealer returned my call and when I told him the coins I wanted I heard from another salesman who attempted to change my mind and buy small coins that I had never heard of as it was a way to dodge the taxman. I finally reached Christian and he was more than happy to sell me what I wanted. He was helpful,cordial,and prompt to contact me and inform me as to the progress of our transaction. He gave me a level of comfort that I needed as I was jumping into a new unfamiliar pool. I anticipate making future precious metal investments and Christian will be my first call Tom Bailey Auburn,Al
- Tom
Christian and Jannette were fantastic!! My IRA was rolled over and investments made very quickly. Thanks for all your help!
- Michelle
Christian Howard is a true asset for Regal. He’s professional as well as courteous, and handled my IRA transition with speed and skill. I’m grateful to have chosen this company, and appreciate Christian and Jannette Compton very much.
- Bob
This is my first experience with Regal Assets to set up a self-directed IRA for precious metals. Christian Howard walked me through the process and answered every question I had. No question was out-of-bounds, and I appreciated Christian’s straight forward and honest answers concerning fees and costs. Christian kept me informed on the progress every step of the way and was extremely responsive to my questions without any pressure for me to move faster than I was comfortable. When it came time to purchase metals, Christian’s expertise guided me through the process, and he immediately provided complete documentation of all the items and costs. I am very satisfied with Regal Assets and happy to be working with Christian Howard.
- Mike
I was referred to Christian Howard and Regal Assets to roll over my traditional IRA into a precious metals IRA. This being my first experience in doing anything like this, Christian was a delight to work with. Very patient and prompt! I appreciate the fact that I was able to learn so much along the way. Christian guided me and gave excellent recommendations. I would highly recommend doing business with Christian and Regal Assets, as I am very satisfied with my experience!
- Sandi
I have enjoyed working with Christian. He has been prompt, respectful, and straightforward with me. I praise the Lord for him and may God bless him.
Regal Assets & Christian Howard were very easy to work with. No pressure, patient, questions answered quickly and pleasantly. Good experience all around, now it's up to the market!
- Frank
I recently rolled over a portion of my IRA into precious metals with Regal Assets and both Christian and Janette have been nothing short of wonderful in making the transition easy and painless. Highly recommend.
- Tommy
This is the second rollover I have done and Christian made it extremely easy, just like the first time! Professional, courteous and knowledgeable!
- Tim
Christian and Jannette were great to work with on the rollover transaction. Their professionalism and expertise made the process seamless.
- Gene
to anyone considering a rollover for IRA purposes.
- Niko
Christian made this rollover process smooth and made the purchasing process of Crypto easy and comfortable
- Bobby
Have worked with Christian for several years and it gets easier and easier making annual ROTH PM investments.
- Alison
to anyone considering the purchase of silver & gold.
I'm normally not very comfortable moving assets, as I don't regularly trade in the market. So, I was pleased to have Christian as my account manager at Regal Assets who communicated very well and made me feel totally at ease while moving a chunk of my 401K in to precious metals. Five stars for Christian at Regal Assets.
- Doug
Christian and Jannette made the transition from the 403B to IRA metal's account a clear and straight forward process. We are excited to have better diversification in our retirement savings. Julius and Virginia Phillips
- virginia

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