Investing in precious metals through an RRSP has to be done in accordance with CRA rules and regulations, which is why it is important to work with a company that has a good track record working with these types of accounts.


A Gold RRSP is essentially a self-directed RRSP used to invest in physical bullion coins and bars. You can open a Gold RRSP directly or you can rollover or transfer funds from a previous retirement account into a new Gold RRSP.


Gold RRSP Rollover VS Transfer

Your first alternative is a “transfer.” This is something you can do at any time with your existing RRSP, as long as the assets go from custodian to custodian. In a direct transfer, the money flows directly from one RRSP custodian to another. This means the distribution check from the old RRSP custodian must be made out in the name of the trustee or custodian of the new RRSP account that receives the funds. Transfers may be made as often as you want. You can be assured that Regal Assets has organized thousands of these types of transfers for our customers.


The second alternative is a “rollover.” A rollover occurs when “you” receive the distribution from your existing retirement account and then turn around and deposit it in another retirement plan custodial account. In this case you would need to re-deposit the funds into the new retirement plan account within 60 days. If the 60 day time period is exceeded, you would be liable for taxes and penalties on the money withdrawn. You may roll over the same money only once every 12 months to preserve the tax-deferred status of your retirement savings.


Want to get started with your Gold RRSP today? Simply follow the instructions on this link RRSP Account Setup


Eligible Bullion Coins and Bars

The CRA states that only metals of high purity can be eligible to be included in an RRSP, such as the American gold eagle or the Canadian gold maple leaf. Collectible coins and numismatics are not included. See our bullion section to shop for RRSP-approved products, or call us to talk to an RRSP investment specialist which can recommend the best coins and bars.


Allowed in your RRSP

* Setup a Gold RRSP today, simply follow the instructions on this link RRSP Account Setup.

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