Using almost any objective measurement today, the United States stock market is already insanely overvalued. American stocks are simply far too dear. One of the most interesting analyses of this trend is the “Company Insiders” metric.

Company Insiders measures the sentiment of directors and upper level management of huge corporations. These corporate officers are required by law to file a disclosure with the Securities Exchange Commission each time they choose to sell or buy additional stock shares in their own companies.

Naturally, when the CEOs and board members choose to buy their own company shares, it is a positive sign for the stock market. This is because they are the ultimate insiders and realize what is happening within not only their own organization but also corporate America as well.

The latest public information filed by the corporate moguls with the SEC shows that the insider buying of corporate stocks has reached its lowest levels for fully three decades. This simply means that the ultimate corporate insiders with the most current information on their own industry and business are not buying stocks at these price levels.

Obviously the American CEOs know something that the rest of us don’t. Yet despite this, investors in the stock market (who know this information) don’t even care. There has not been a minor correction of even a single percent in over three months. Usually this occurs even every few weeks. In fact at almost four months without a one percent correction, this is now the second longest amount of days ever without even the one percent decline.

The Wall Street Journal summed the situation up last week with the article entitled, “These markets know no fear.” It is a serious warning alarm sounding that practically no one is paying attention to nowadays. This does not present a vague, future threat. It is a threat today. Stocks are unbelievably expensive right now. 

This means you have a choice to make. Will you continue to pour your hard-earned money into desperately overpriced U.S. stocks; throw your savings into a nearly zero percent interest paying account denominated in dollars, euros, Swiss francs, or British pounds; sink your retirement and investment money into low paying government bonds (which may massively decline in value as interest rates rise through the rest of the year); or instead secure it in time-tested hard assets gold and silver?

Is Your Retirement Portfolio Protected by Precious Metals Against an Eventual U.S. Stock Market Correction and Negative Real Interest Rates?

Do not be fooled into thinking that stocks can only go up, up, and away forever. Remember that as recently as 2008 and 2001 that this proved to not be the case, at another eerily similar time when investors believed stocks would never correct downward again. Remember too that paper currency-denominated assets present their own problems. The biggest difference between gold and bonds or savings (denominated in paper currency) is that no central bank can simply conjure up gold coins or precious metals bullion from thin air. Besides this, gold has a longstanding track record of keeping up with inflation over the longer term.

Gold and its precious metals cousins are the ultimate insurance policies against the future events you simply can not predict, such as stock market corrections or even crashes. Over 5,000 years of consistent history, the yellow metal has safeguarded investors throughout all time just like you. You do not have to be afraid of unpredictable stock market failures or be held prisoner by zero real interest rate-paying bonds and savings accounts. Simply get your no-cost, no-obligation rollover kit from Regal Assets by clicking here. This will provide you with all of the important strategies you require to safeguard your retirement assets using a partial physical gold diversification.

Will your portfolio weather the next financial crisis?

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