If you have been paying attention to the French Presidential election campaigns for the past months, then you may be eerily reminded of a certain media circus campaign that happened recently in the land of the free.

The stakes are nothing less than the future of the single euro currency and global financial stability. This is because besides the usual left and right candidates standing to win this most important French election in decades, there is a powerful third candidate successfully running on almost the same platform that elected President Donald Trump in the U.S.

Like many Americans, the French have tired of politics as usual. They are weary of watching their jobs disappear overseas to China. They are frustrated by a distant and out of touch bureaucracy making their important economic decisions. Sound familiar?

The French have two mainstream candidates, one of which would traditionally be the hands down winner. The right of center candidate who represents their Republican side is Francois Fillon. Fillon was leading in the polls as recently as two months ago.

Now he is embroiled in a public funds embezzlement scandal which will likely see him charged around March 15th when the police (who just searched his home) question him again. Fillon calls this a”political assassination,” and refuses to quit the race.

The man the Republicans want to replace Fillon is Alain Juppe, Bordeaux Mayor and former French prime minister. This morning, Juppe stunned the French establishment by refusing to take over the failing candidacy of Fillon:

“I confirm, once and for all, that I will not be a candidate for the presidency. Never under the Fifth Republic has there been an election under such confused conditions. As for us – what a mess.”

Then you have Emmanuel Macron as France’s version of the “left.” Juppe just labelled him politically “immature.” Macron himself admitted two weeks ago that populist/nationalist Marine Le Pen “is at the gates of power,” and could win the entire French presidential election in the runoff round.

Polls agree with his assessment for the first round. Le Pen leads Macron by two or more points consistently in the daily French election polls. The thought of this strikes terror into the hearts of the liberal community in France and Europe alike. The pundits keep telling you not to worry— the far right Le Pen will lose in the election second round May 7th by around 61 percent to 39 percent.

Keep in mind these are those same pundits who said Brexit would never pass and President Donald Trump would never be elected (the respected British bookmakers gave him a 10 percent chance). Even unconcerned analysts admit the rising anger against politicians for enriching themselves and breaking their campaign promises means there is a significant and rising chance of a French upset.

Then there is a computer program already predicting a Le Pen win. Singapore-based investment company Leonie Hill Capital CEO Arun Kant recently revealed that his company’s proprietary data system shows she will “walk over” her rivals in the voting first round before stealing the lead in the crucial second vote. Such a computer program correctly predicted Donald Trump’s ultimate victory over a month in advance of the U.S. elections as well.

Is Your Retirement Portfolio Protected by Precious Metals Against a French Election Upset and Breakup of the Euro?

The French election matters hugely for your investments and retirement portfolio. Le Pen said in her speech last week:

“The euro is a corpse that still moves. It’s not a question of if we’ll leave the euro but when.”

France is the second largest economy in the eurozone and a core founding member. If they pull out, the whole house of cards for the second largest reserve currency in the world falls to pieces.

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