This past week, legendary billionaire investor and international business deal financier Paul Tudor Jones warned the world that it has taken on far too high an amount of debt. He predicts that this will cause problems for all asset classes and markets in the not too distant future. Jones has a painfully obvious point for those who take off their rose colored glasses. Total debt in the world notched a scary new all-time high amounting to $247 trillion per the Institute of International Finance (the IIF). Economists are starting to wake up to the increasing danger of out of control… Read More

Treasury yields may not be the most interesting subject on the planet, but they are critically important. As you saw the last week, they are also closely connected with Federal Reserve interest rate decisions. When the Fed did not show any apparent intent to change its course on the planned additional upcoming interest rate hikes (even with upheaval and volatility in the global equities and bond markets), this caused the Two Year Treasury yields to spike to their greatest level dating back to June of 2008. That is the same mid-2008 when the Global Financial Crisis and Great Recession were… Read More

Initial Coin Offerings and token sales have increased in popularity and value over the course of 2018. Unsurprisingly, this has made a lot more investors, both in US and abroad, eager to participate. However, this increased value and popularity has brought with it a multitude of scams. Just recently, our CEO issued a statement to warn crypto and ICO investors about fake advisors, after he noticed his own name being listed as an advisor on some foreign based ICOs, without his consent. In this article, industry insiders discuss the top ICO scams watch out for in 2019. They also provide… Read More

At Regal Assets, we have recently received a great honor. Our company obtained the very first (government issued) crypto-commodities license by the Dubai DMCC government, as covered by Bloomberg. This marked a historic event and synthesis between the Western world’s love of investing and the Middle East’s safe haven neighborhood of the United Arab Emirates. The old adage “with great power comes great responsibility” rings true for us and our founder Tyler Gallagher. As we have achieved global recognition in the crypto world, Mr. Gallagher has since learned the hard way that there are both upsides and downsides to this… Read More

The Wall Street Journal and Zero Hedge have recently both come out with a strong and dire warning (really more of a prediction actually) about an upcoming wave of inflation, coming to American cities near you soon. Zero Hedge put it this way in summarizing the Wall Street Journal: "Many U.S. consumer staple and industry leading companies are either already in the process of raising prices, or have set concrete plans to do so in the very near future." This is not just a shadowy vague threat for the future either. According to the Journal and Zero Hedge, price increases… Read More