The latest numbers are out for the U.S. government's borrowing for the first quarter of 2018. From January through end of March, Treasury was forced to net borrow a whopping $488 billion. Keep in mind that's for only three months. It represented a new all-time borrowing record for the first quarter. This was simply added to the already around $21 trillion national debt of course. These are not exactly statistics to be proud of as a nation however you look at them. In fact the government's (and central bank Federal Reserve's) balance sheets have been progressively worsening since the 1980's.… Read More

This past week saw JPMorgan Chase & Company CEO Jamie Dimon give an alarming interview on future interest rates. He believes that four percent rates are in the cards based on potential inflation stemming from U.S. economic growth. What he does not go into is the negative impacts this will create for consumers, businesses, and a national government that are at record debt levels. These groups will struggle to service all time high debt loads when interest rates rise to this historically normal level. It is a warning call for why you need to have a gold IRA. When the… Read More

Nothing drives oil prices up faster than an old fashioned Middle Eastern War. This is especially the case when the intended target of the war is one of the largest oil producers and exporters in the world--- Iran. This past week the situation concerning the Iran Nuclear Accord inched closer to becoming the spark that triggers renewed crippling sanctions against Iran's oil exports or even a regional war. President Emmanuel Macron of France will be immortalized for stating the not so obvious first. If President Trump withdraws from the Iranian nuclear deal, "that would mean opening Pandora's box, it could… Read More

As threats of a trade war have continued in the past few weeks, the uncomfortable truth about China's out of control debt to GDP ratio has emerged. In the decade since the Global Financial Crisis, this ratio has skyrocketed from 160 percent to 300 percent. The country's banking system is also saddled with toxic loans. A trade war with the U.S. could easily become the proverbial "straw that breaks the camel's back." The deteriorating fiscal situation in China is another stark reminder of why you need a gold IRA today.  Gold protects in times of financial market crisis as it… Read More

Sadly banking scandals are nothing new, but they do seem to be appearing with increasing frequency these days. Wells Fargo has become the poster child for offending banks and their scandals. Their antics have affected millions of customers now. The latest one was just revealed last week and involved the Department of Labor. It was only the week before that when Wells signed a billion dollar check for its last scandal. This particular one involved a car insurance scheme in which they defrauded over 570,000 of their own customers. The bank has even admitted that upwards of 20,000 of these… Read More

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