Platinum American Eagle

Product Description:

Platinum American Eagle coins are the best way to invest in platinum. With the Platinum American Eagle being one of the worlds scarcest metals the coin quickly became the # 1 platinum bullion coin in the world. The U.S. government first issued Platinum American Eagles in 1997.


The obverse of the Platinum American Eagle features the head of the Statue of Liberty and was designed by John M. Mercanti, who also designed the reverse of the Silver American Eagle. The reverse of the Platinum American Eagle carried a different design each year from 1998 through 2002. The series, known as the Vistas of Liberty, honors a different regional landscape each year Each platinum bullion coin is 99.95% pure, and because of platinums rarity, the one-ounce Platinum American Eagle has the highest face value of any American coin ever minted: $100. Platinum American Eagle coins maintain a unique advantage over all other platinum bullion coins – the United States government guarantees their content, weight, and 0.9995 purity. Platinum is one of the worlds scarcest precious metals. Besides use in various mint states like the Platinum Eagle, platinum also has many industrial and high-tech uses. In fact one in five consumer products either contain platinum or is produced using platinum.

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