Gold South African Krugerrand

Product Description:

Gold South African Krugerrand coins are one of the most invested precious metal forms in the world because of its purity. The obverse side of the coin has the image of the first president of South Africa republic, Paul Kruger. On the reverse side is the image of the South African antelope, the date of issue, and the purity of gold printed on it. Each 1 oz Gold South African Krugerrand weighs approximately ninety-one and two thirds of gold content and eight one third of copper content.


The South African Krugerrand gold coins were first introduced in 1970. Gold South African Krugerrand coins were the idea of the South African government to sell it to the international market. The South African Krugerrand coins are the first to be minted for investment purposes. To make it viable for the international community to buy these gold coins the government converted it to weight rather than denominations. The mint in South Africa never has a shortage of gold as it is the largest producer of yellow metal. The mint was privatized in 1988 and it was established as the South African Mint Company as the subsidiary of the Reserve bank of South Africa.

Value & Demand

The reason the Gold South African Krugerrand are popular is because of their reasonable prices, genuine quality and the purity of gold. The interesting part of this gold coin is that it has no face value, as its main purpose is to be traded outside South Africa. South Africa is a leader in gold mining a leading producer of gold bullion making these South African gold coins a collector’s passion and is a recognized worldwide gold investment.

Once apartheid was lifted the gold coins started circulating in the international market. As gold is the most stable form of investment, investors shift to hard assets as it is imperishable trading at the gold price today. In times of economic challenges, the gold price remains stable and sturdy and supports countries and business people in their time of need. As these gold coins are alloyed with copper like the Gold American Eagle, they are durable and can be easily made into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

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