Gold Chinese Panda

Product Description:

The Gold Chinese Panda coin has a Panda struck on one side and the Temple of Heaven on the other. Pandas have been a symbol of peace and humbleness due to their usually docile behavior and have distinguished the Gold Chinese Panda coin from other countries designs. This was also the image that the Chinese government wanted to project to other nations, a diplomatic strategy called “Panda Diplomacy” was developed. The Temple of Heaven, is a complex of Taoist buildings situated in the southeastern part of central Beijing and was visited by the Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties for annual ceremonies.


The Gold Chines Panda coin was first introduced by China in 1982. The Chinese bullion coin is issued by the Peoples Bank of China to make their offering attractive to the global market buyers that buy gold coins. Gold from China is always of superior quality and the coins minted there are made from gold that is found in China. There have been twenty-eight varieties of Gold Chinese Panda coins since the mint began production. China has been number one in gold production for the past three years.

Value & Demand

Demand for Gold Chinese Panda coins have gone up a great deal in value in the recent years, as the quality is exceptionally good comparable to the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf  Being one of the finest quality gold bullion coins, people are sure about their investment and good returns. Many investors across the globe started investing in Chinese gold coins for its design and purity. It has more gold content than the Gold American Eagle Bullion and the designed is favored over a plain Gold Credit Suisse bar.

When the value of other commodities reduced in the global market due to recession, the value of gold prices remained stable. In the recent years, the value of gold has increased many times attracting investors from different parts of the world to invest in gold. The main advantage of investing in or to buy gold is steady returns and secured investment. These coins are not only popular among investors but also among coin collectors. The Gold South African Krugerrand and Gold Chinese Panda coins and are commonly used in jewelry like bangles and necklaces.

China is one of the growing and developing economies that is the most consistent and dependable engines pulling the world out of global recession. During the recession, there was a remarkable fall in the commodity market but at the same time there was a spectacular increase in gold prices. The Central Banks of China have a 10 year buying plan signaling the importance of this precious in the financial market. If you are looking for a globally recognized investment then you may find it in the form of a Gold Chinese Panda coin.

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